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Ennerdale Highlands

SCOTTISH HIGHLAND CATTLE – the majestic cattle breed and known as one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. Traditionally in their homeland, Scottish Highland Cattle also known as Kyloes, believed to produce the tastiest and most succulent heritage beef which attracts a healthy premium when compared to other British Breeds.

Low maintenance cattle – known for easy calving and their great mothering abilities. Scottish Highland Cattle in Australia are an important genetic resource for the beef industry.

Ennerdale Highlands are members of the UK Highland Cattle Society,  New Zealand Highland Cattle Society, and the Australian Highland Cattle Society. Our animals are registered in the UK and Australian herd books. We breed our Highland Cattle to comply with the UK Breed Standard – keeping Ennerdale Highland Cattle traditional.

Ennerdale Highlands are also proud to be founder members of the New South Wales Regional Breeders Group (NSWRBG) promoting Highland Cattle in NSW.

Established in 2001

Kangiara, New South Wales, Australia.

Our cattle have a stress free life, roaming a quiet idyllic setting amongst green grass lands and shady gum trees, ideal for Highland Cattle. Our aim at Ennerdale is to produce traditional premium quality Scottish Highland Cattle and throughout ten years proved in the show ring that Ennerdale Highland Cattle are some of the best Highlands in Australia repeatedly winning against the established Highland Folds.

We take beef genetics seriously, whilst concentrating on cattle with correct structure and only the highest, high quality beef production ability.

Outstanding temperament and easy handling traits are at the top of the list.

We have achieved a strong genetic base over the years by selecting the best Artificial Insemination (A.I.) Sires available from around the world. All our breeding cattle are carefully selected to ensure premium quality beef production, whilst still retaining their easy handling properties. We are proud to say that each and every Ennerdale Registered animal used in our breeding programme is also a Royal Show broad ribbon winner. In addition several of our breeding Females and Males are also registered in the U.K. Herd Book.

Ennerdale Fold - Established in 2001

The Ennerdale Breeding Programme sets a high standard. An important part of the selection process involves scanning the animals to ensure a high ratio of meat to fat to bone. The mandatory requirements are;

  1. the cattle must be structurally correct in frame
  2. the cattle must display above average muscle in the premium Beef cuts, and
  3. they must display outstanding temperament

If these three important qualities are not met we do not continue the genetic line. Only breeding from the best!

DNA profiles and the Scottish methodology Ennerdale have adopted

Since 2002 all Ennerdale animals have been DNA profiled to provide a guarantee of parentage. It is only a recent ruling that the UK and Australian Societies require bull’s to be DNA tested prior to being registered or having progeny registered, Ennerdale Highlands believe all animals need a DNA profile so any potential buyers know what pedigree they are getting. It is Ennerdale Highland’s policy to significantly improve the Highland Breed in Australia for the long term and guaranteeing parentage is an important part of this aim.

Clean Water for Highland Cattle

Foggy Morning at Ennerdale

We have also adopted the traditional Scottish methodology in our breeding programme. Highland Cattle are a slower growing beef animal (when compared to the more “commercial” main stream Beef breeds), so, in order to give Ennerdale Heifers the best start possible we don’t join until they are 3 years old. The Scots have been doing it for hundreds of years and for good reason.  The heifers get the chance to calve with a pelvis area that ensures the chances of calving problems are minimised. Highland Cattle are not fully grown until 5 years of age and this policy ensures (with the appropriate husbandry and care practices applied) the Cattle will still be calving at 20-21 years of age.

Highland Show Cattle

Shona and Calf


Animal health is an important factor in any cattle stud and it is no different at Ennerdale. Our animals are vaccinated for a range of Cattle Health issues; they are also regularly treated for lice (which can be a problem in winter caused by the Highland Cattles thick double coat). We rarely bring new stock onto the property, and if we do they are quarantined and blood tested prior to integrating with the Ennerdale Fold to ensure our elite health status is retained. Outside bulls are never leased and Ennerdale Bulls are not leased out to isolate the Ennerdale Fold from exposure to external Cattle Health issues.

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